Is There Such a Thing as Motivation Training?


Motivation is much like a soda. You can find it everywhere, but there are so many decisions to make on what you really want. Sodas come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

They can be bought in cans or bottles, in regular or diet versions.

Do you prefer caffeine or decaffeinated, which flavor is best and do you want the ones that are vitamin fortified? Which price is better? Would the generic brand be just as good?

Do we want the six packs, twelve pack, the one, two or three liter plastic bottles or cans? By the time we make all these decisions just to buy soda it’s a wonder we ever get out of the grocery store. Many other foods require similar decisions.

There are all kinds of motivation training choices, but how do you decide what’s best for you? You’ve already taken the first step by realizing that you want and need training in the field of motivation. Motivation is good medicine, but how do you take the dose?

Motivation can be like a generic soda and cover all general aspects of motivation and usually cost less. Or, it can be very specific. There is probably a motivation program for every niche you can imagine. Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish before investing a large amount of time and money in a program that may not fit your needs at all.

One of the things you learn in salesmanship is to not give the customer too many choices. The more decisions a buyer has to make the less likely you are to make the sale. But, you are the one making the decision on what type of motivation you would like to have. Now that you’ve made the decision to get started, do your research. What are your reasons and goals for seeking motivation training?

There are excellent training programs in organization, leadership and development skills.

You can learn how to do public speaking or make a dynamic presentation. Other skills you can develop with motivational training include emotional intelligence, management and communication. The aim of learning these skills and becoming motivated is typically to impact your personal and business success and ultimately turn a profit.

After you select a subject, then determine how you’ll absorb this training. Again, you must know yourself. Are you a better visual or audio learner? Would you rather read or listen? With video you can do both.

Video training usually is more restrictive while with audio tapes or CDs you can listen on the go and even while you’re exercising. This is good. You’re using your time wisely and efficiently. If none of these appeals to you, consider a motivational course administered by hypnosis.

Motivational training could come in the form of an internship or part time job. Go to work or intern for a company you admire and observe how that company got so successful.

Learn how the managers motivate their employees. Attend their sales and motivation meetings and take notes. This is real on job training, not just theory. Self discovery is one of the first steps to achieving motivation. Motivation training is out there. Reach out and grasp it.

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