“Every decision we make, every choice we choose to take an action…or not…is based upon our intention to manage how we feel. We manage how we feel through adjusting how we are thinking in one direction or another.”
This continual adjustment of our thinking is an attempt to locate a better-to-us Being State; that Being state is simply that which determines our quality of life. In short, our focus determines how we feel.
Often wo/men experience lag in their innate ability to realize their goals because of their practiced de-energizing focus. Their perspective of their selves is on a lower frequency than that on which their goals and dreams already exist.
In coaching sessions, we facilitate people in accomplishing their goals, beginning with shifting their internal perspective of themselves.
Whether you may be unknowingly holding in place a wounded sense of capability/capacity [a doing wound] or a sense of insignificance for your actual person [a being wound related to worthiness of love and respect] HighHeelSpeaking can help you reach your desired goals beginning where YOU need for us to start with YOU.
Let HHS assist you in shifting your focused attention to that which is more who you actually are and of what you are actually capable as relevant to your self-perceptions, in whichever contexts are at hand:

We can help you:

  • Clearly choose and define your identity. Who do you want to be?
  • Enjoyably cultivate loving connections with others
  • Make freedom-oriented career choices
  • More naturally balance your life according to your identity
  • Experience more ease in getting your needs met
  • Organically experience YOUR purpose
  • Manage, utilize better or eliminate recurrent unpleasant emotions
  • Learn to harmonize with life in relation to change and loss
  • Comfortably gain more directorship over yourself and your life

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