Karen Locke-Leto

Creator/ Founder

Karen Locke-Leto is the Creator/ Founder of High Heels Speaking, a company founded to help women achieve their highest professional goals. She is a results-oriented leader, an award winning facilitator, speaker, mediator, life-coach and author and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of a 40 year old award winning non-profit agency. She is responsible for providing oversight to all of the agency’s child welfare and juvenile justice programming. She has a proven track record in performance outcomes, employee development & retention, external relations, and growth & development of services. Karen has over 20 years experience serving in management and leadership positions.

She has understood the difficulty women face in the workplace. At 26 her successful husband, who worked on Wall Street died leaving her to raise 17-month-old twins with no job history of her own and a GED. With the help of mentors, she attended college and obtained her graduate degree. She has spent her professional life mentoring other women and developing tools and trainings to help level the playing field. Her journey has brought her to High Heels Speaking.

Over 10 years ago while serving in a middle management position Karen was about to present a strategic plan to several male managers. Her boss introduced her and during the introduction he did not call her by name but instead said, “High Heels Speaking.” At the moment Karen took this as a negative but in time she came to recognize that her boss remark maybe have not been an insult but just ignorance. She eventually came to appreciate the “power of highheels. “

Karen’s workshops and keynotes are geared toward the unique challenges of women in the workplace. She believes, the playing field may not be level as yet but with the right tools women can achieve at the same degree as men.

Saadia Rose

Social Media Coordinator

Saadia Rose is a Social Media Specialist that strives to help self-motivated entrepreneurs that need a little hand creating a phenomenal online presence. She was just like the other teenage girls that grew an obsession with social media. It wasn’t until after high school when her obsession turned into her passion. This is when she started her first business in social media marketing. She is a young entrepreneur that posses experience in sales, marketing, public relations and networking.

A fun fact about Saadia is her love of writing. Saadia is an avid writer that shares her real life experiences through her words. Another fun thing to know about her is that she is also a dog mom to a beautiful Pitbull named Saatyva. Being born and raised in the sunshine state, Saadia has been conditioned to love the sun, sand, and water that surrounds her home. She recently received her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Communications from the University of South Florida. She was able to finish her last semester abroad in England where she got the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of London! Her resume contains a plethora of internships and projects that illuminate her social media skills. To view Saadia’s resume, click here.

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